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New Teas from China – Spring pick 2019

New Teas from China – Spring pick 2019

This is only a short blog post about our new fresh TEA arrivals from China. They will be up on our page very soon, so look out.

When the T-box arrived we were so thrilled that we forgot the time of the day. We have started to open all T-bags like frenzy addicts, soaking the aroma of each tea deeply into our lungs, while admiring the perfectly shaped, unified, unbroken leaves of different hues and shapes. This is a spring 2019 pluck of mostly green teas with one white, one wulong and one black tea. It is so fresh that we...

1st flush Darjeeling - Mighty Spring TEA

1st flush Darjeeling - Mighty Spring TEA

We are in search of the best 1st Flush Darjeeling of this season!

What are you searching for?

As we love 1st flush picks of many Darjeeling tea Estates, some plantations have always been more prominent to us than others. The beautiful and never changing quality of these teas, outstanding flavours and freshness is something what we are looking forward to each spring. This spring 2019 is not any different.

Why do we love 1st flush Darjeeling Tea?
The flower bouquet attack of the tea is like a burst of spring to our eyes, the fruitiness is like a summer dance to our taste...

Tea Sourcing - Meng Ding Huang Ya “Yellow Bud”

Tea Sourcing -  Meng Ding Huang Ya “Yellow Bud”

Classification: Meng Ding Huang Ya “Yellow Bud” - yellow tea
Cultivar: Jin ji zhong
Origin: China, Sichuan province, Ming Shan County, Ya An, Mengding Mountain
Grade: Grand cru, Elite, Rare
Bud: Sword shaped imperial bud pluck, buds super hairy (fine pekoe) yellowy-green and perfect in shape, sleek and shiny and unified. Aroma of Almonds, Chestnuts and sweet garden green peas.
Infused Bud: Infused buds are releasing an aroma of fermented hops, violets and sweet honey.
Liquor: Straw coloured cup with incredible aroma of orchids, violets and honeysuckle. Liquid is remarkably thick and round on the tongue with herbaceous and flower notes. The smooth and sweet taste...

Tea Sourcing - Gyokuro "Jade Dew"

Tea Sourcing - Gyokuro "Jade Dew"

Classification: Gyokuro Kagoshima, organically grown.
Cultivar: Yabukita
Origin: Japan, Fukuoka prefecture, Kagoshima, Kirishima
Grade: Grand Cru, Exquisite
Dried Leaf: The beautiful dark green leaves are extremely shiny, needle like and differ in shape and length. They give a delicate scent of lilies, mangoes, chestnuts and herbs with under-notes of eucalyptus and pepper.
Infused Leaf: Infusion turns the leaves into vivid green and dense paste with strong & sweet green vegetal aroma.
Liquor: The cloudy, pistachio green cup releasing an aroma of steamed green vegetables, thyme & butter. The liquid is extremely rich and creamy, fresh and delicate with generous notes of mixed fresh herbs like...

Tea Sourcing - Zheng Shan Xiao Zhong

Tea Sourcing -  Zheng Shan Xiao Zhong

Classification: China Zheng Shan Xiao Zhong – Lightly smoked black tea
Origin: China, Fujian, Wuyi mountain, Tong Mu
Grade: Exquisite, Magnificent
Dry Leaves: Small twisted dark black tea leaves of even size with beautiful golden tips – very matte on surface and little hairy. Superb aroma of lychee, smoke and pine wood.
Infused Leaves: Greenish-brown, small and sleek leaves with an aroma of moist forest ground and gently dried pine wood.
Liquor: Clear and bright mandarin coloured liquor with beautiful greenish rim. Aroma of exotic wood with sweet & pine notes. Cup very smooth and mellow with rich deep oak bark taste and soft sweet...