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Tasting notes: China Fujian Anxi Ming Qian QING SHUANG KING TIE QUANYIN

Perfectly twisted pearls of Qing Shuan King Tie Quanyin wulong tea. Aroma of thyme and eucalyptus lingers from the leaves as they fall into my Yixing teapot....clonk clonk..... The liquor is bright - neon green (after 10th cup) with strong broccoli, citrus and geranium flavours, just perfect to warm up the body in this windy howling day of wild highlands. No acidity and multiple infusions makes blue and green (wulong) teas the most pleasant teas to drink, so smooth with their long lasting sweet aroma it certainly brightens your day. These babies are oxidised at about 20-30% - pan fired - rolled and dried. Come to taste if you are around....

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A word on "Tea Mastery"

As we give more of our time to a certain subject in our life, we naturally grow in it, becoming not a novice but rather an expert through our life time. We are all experts of tea as long, as we devote enough time, understanding and long term interest in it. You may attend schools of tea, stay on tea plantations, or simply explore tea by brewing different teas at home every day, and all these are very useful as even if your cup is full you will always learn something new along the way. So listen, taste, feel and always keep your cup half filled, because you never know what will be pour into it.   To become a...

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Welcome …. Tea wanderer, lover or enthusiast to our brand new Tea Boutique. This online shop is about: - A Tea - For Tea - Of Tea - To Tea - With Tea - About Tea - Tea! Tea! Tea! - And nothing else but Tea.... May you enjoy all our teas, one by one.... From the top to the bottom, zigzagged, criss crossed, from back to top or any other sorting method you prefer... But make sure you try them all as they are ALL very... Very tasty.....  -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- To understand a cup of tea is to be still and silent.   Listen, and let the tea flow through your veins. Wait patiently, until the power and wisdom entangles...

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