1st Flush Assam Hajua
1st Flush Assam Hajua


1st Flush Assam Hajua

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Assam Hajua SFTGFOP 1 - Black Tea
Tasting Notes for :
"Robust, bold and intense, someone may describe him as that
He is a full bodied, chestnut skinned man with a couple of lightly twisted golden hairs
When he walks through the village towards the malty river, he feels rich and silky in his soul
He sits on the shore like any other day, watching the river flow by, all of time under his command
A spicy and fruity fragrance is carried from nearby trees to under his nose.
Oh, the sweet cherry tree, cedar and vanilla, it pairs so well with the river, and with his balanced soul
He inhales it all. It's bliss. The same as it was yesterday, and will be tomorrow."