Rooibos Superior Grade
Rooibos Superior Grade
Rooibos Superior Grade


Rooibos Superior Grade

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South Africa Rooibos Superior Grade - Rooibos Tea
Tasting Notes for :
“Open your eyes” you hear him calling
You open them, but no one is around?
Only a big Baobab tree standing in this gingery red vast desert
A gentle breeze; as slow an overeaten lion; brings an aroma of nearby grapefruit, and vanilla tree under your nose, what a wonderful smell you think
You blink at the tree and it feels closer? You are out of your mind as he walks slowly towards you
His gingery short leaves falling to one side
When he reaches you he covers you with his incredible shade
The strong smell of vanilla and honey calms you down...
A tiny thought rushes through your mind: “did I walk to the tree or the tree walked to me”?
You fall asleep
Alas, you won't burn"