Expedition to Black Forest

She Fang expedition kits:
Our expedition kits are a grand way to discover our selection of rare  teas in their beautiful, wild and fresh form.
We have carefully selected our best teas for each kit; to empower you on your journey through raw meadows, pearl mountains, sweaty savannahs, azure seas, black forests and musty cellars.
Wherever you are, have a wee tea treat for yourself or share with others!
Each kit contains 5x10g of our speciality tea in a beautiful pink or gold sample bag with label on which you can find:  the tea name and it's number for further/easier purchase and a quick brewing guideline. All sample bags are then packaged in an elegant kraft gift box with our logo and step by step brewing guide, for your best brewed CUP ever!
"Expedition kit to Black Forest"
We have carefully selected our best black teas for your muddy, tree hugging passage through the black forest. Step lightly over the pine needles, soggy moss and fern, wet forest floor and humid air.
Heady and rich in a cup with floral, woody and earthy taste and a lingering sweet astringency.
The expedition kit to Black Forest includes the following teas:
10g of Pre-ran Jin Jun Mei Superior
10g of Yunnan Mao Feng Superior
10g of Keemun Mao Feng
10g of 1st flush Assam Hajua
10g of Ceylon Nuwara Eliya OP