Pre-Rain Moon Light Superior
Pre-Rain Moon Light Superior
Pre-Rain Moon Light Superior


Pre-Rain Moon Light Superior

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China Yunnan Ming Qian Yue Guang Bai Cha "Moon Light" Superior - White Rare Tea
Tasting Notes for :
"There he stands, slightly curved to the left, wrinkled with silvery green hair.
Drinking from a cup of immortality in this warm deep night
The liquor tastes so smooth, velvety, creamy and sweet, like the moon in the dark navy sky
He drinks cup after cup...was it five or was it twenty?
Time moves forward...
He straightens up like a young, vigorous birch tree in the spring
His hair is no longer silvery green, but a light mandarin colour, like a fire phoenix glowing in the dark
His skin is young, towards twenty, and it smells of sensual clove and eucalyptus
He holds a bouquet of white roses, looking deeply into my eyes. He is the one...
Forever... Immortal"



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