Frozen Peak
Frozen Peak
Frozen Peak


Frozen Peak

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Formosa LU GU Dong Ding (Tung Ting) - "Frozen Peak" - Wulong Tea
Oxidation level 25%
Tasting Notes for :
"Tiny twisted dark green gems, rolling in your palm
Release an aroma of apricot and nutmeg
You hesitate, but then throw them into your glassy cup filled with hot water
You watch them slowly unfold, like a new growth of leaves in spring
They float, opening themselves to you
Time slows down, your heartbeat slows down
More nutmeg and spicy woody aroma comes out of the cup
Is it ready? You wait a little bit more.... patiently. Your hand is steady when raising the cup
You sip
You are stunned by the powerful flavours in such pale, light, and yellow liquor
It's velvety smooth, with strong taste of orchids, peonies, honey and apricots.
Surprisingly mellow after taste makes you want to drink more and more
You grab your favourite book which you had read a thousand times and relax.....until tomorrow"



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