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Japan Gyokuro - Rare Green Tea
Tasting Notes for :
"A navy-green, shaded sky is rolling over your head, sleek and shiny like your robe.
The pen in your hand, to sign important documents, is quivering; not wanting to do what must be done.
You feel heavy in your head, but fresh on the outside. You think of your childhood and the great times watching the sky rumble, and tumble, for ages before it calmed down. Those days made you feel free and powerful.
You remember the times when you could drink a tea with its umami, sweet marine taste and spinach – courgette aromas; oh those times were the greatest. Back then, this pen used to be only for drawing funny faces of your grumpy auntie, or destroying dad's important documents. Those times you were free, "if only we could go back", you think and put your signature down.
You drop the fancy destructive pen and sip emperors Gyokuro, closing your wish to be free again."


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